8/9/2017 8:27:30 AM

When this Puppy was bought she didn’t know the horrible things that were about to happen to Her!

If you don’t understand that getting a puppy is just like having a baby then please don’t go and get a puppy.

If you don’t get the fact that your puppy has every need your baby has then you should never be allowed to get a puppy.

The problem is, some people think that getting a puppy will be all about playing with him and taking cool pictures to post them on your Facebook or Twitter to brag that you have a cute puppy.

Well that’s wrong, that’s very wrong; and the fact that there are people like this in this world doesn’t make so optimistic about the future of humanity.

Princess, the puppy who did fought to live

Getting a pup means that you’ll have fun, but it also means that you now have a huge responsibility; and if you don’t see yourself as responsible then you should neither have a puppy nor a baby; it’s the same!

A man got a puppy from a pet store only to return her to them after a short time.

Guess what is the reason!

That’s only because of her demodex, which is something you should expect when getting a puppy as it’s quite common.


What happened next was unbelievable, the pet store didn’t want to deal with a sick puppy so they deliberately made her condition go worse and worse.


They wanted her condition to get bad so they could get rid of her, and they did, they threw her on a pavement on the middle of a road as if she was a bag of garbage!

She was fighting for her life, she had no chance but she kept on fighting till one day a good Samaritan saw her and he immediately called for help, they were able to rescue her just in the right time.

Only after two days of good nutrition and paying some visits to the vet her condition started drastically improving as she was about to show her true color, and what a lovely pupy she turned out to be!

The Pictures right below will tell the story of her rescue.


That’s how she was first seen by the Samaritan

Her horrible skin condition was easily treatable, obviously treating the dog was not on the man’s choice and dumping her was just easier; Oh how evil could the people be!

This dog fought for so much, we wish her a happy life; a life full of love and joy, we love you, you are a true princess!

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