1/13/2018 6:02:50 PM

This abandoned dog needed a friend, and she found way more

We all know how much of a blessing having a dog around is. Dogs are incredibly kind and compassionate.

They have more than once proven how intelligent they are and how quickly they can learn and acquire new skills and habits.

The story of these abandoned dog proved to me that not only are dogs extremely compassionate with humans, they are also that way with other dogs. The level of emotional intelligence that a dog has is unbelievably high.

Miley is a lovely dog who was abandoned by her owners and left at the Los Angeles North Central Shelter. When she first arrived at the shelter, Miley was not a happy dog. Apparently, she suffered some medical condition, as she was seen pushing her head against a wall, a sure symptom of illness.

And on top of that, Miley was feeling the heartbreak and hardship of being a shelter dog, after being used to life inside a home.

abandoned dog 1

However, Miley didn’t have to face these hardships alone. While the staff of the shelter tried their best to help Miley’s condition get better, she slowly warmed up to them, however she remained isolated from the other dogs during playtime.


But then, something amazing happened. Marley, who is another dog at the shelter, started spending more time with Miley and sacrificing her own playtime.

Marley just sat there in silence, providing support for her heartbroken friend.

abandoned dog 2

Since Miley needed medical attention, she and her new friend Marley were transferred to the no-kill shelter of Best Friends Animals Society Los Angeles. Now, they are treating Miley and looking for a forever home for Miley and Marley.

Isn’t it simply heartwarming? I love how Miley and Marley stick together.