Woman Is Frantically Searching For Her Disabled Dog Who Was Stolen With Her Car

Wanda Ferrari, of Oakland Park, Florida, was in a shopping center on Andrews Avenue when her car was stolen with her beloved Shepherd-Husky mix inside.  

She left the car running with the air conditioning on while she quickly ran into Dollar Tree for a few minutes. When she walked out, her car and dog were gone.

Ferrari is now desperately searching for her dog, Zorra, who is paralyzed and in a wheelchair.

“Whoever took the car, if you just need the car, that’s not a problem. Just please take care of my baby and let me know where to come get her.,” Ferrari pleaded. “Please, if you have her, please, just bring my baby, please bring her back. Just, just please, I don’t care about the car. Bring my baby back.”


While Ferrari has rescued Zorra and given her better life, Zorra has returned the favor by comforting Ferrari as she’s battled breast cancer.

Rescue groups such as Abandoned Dogs of the Everglades have stepped in to search for Zorra, along with the Broward Sheriff’s Office. They are asking the public to share Zorra’s story and pictures, in the hopes that someone will find her.

Ferrari’s stolen car is a 2005 Volvo station wagon with Florida plates that read Z1JYV.

There is now a $2,000 reward being offered for the safe return of the dog.

If you have any information, please contact crime stoppers at 954-493-tips.