Man Drinks All Day & Starts Punching Dog, Tries Drowning The Dog In Cold Water

Cops in Elyria, Ohio, were dispatched to a home after receiving an emergency call about a dog in distress.

When the cops arrived, the dog was found completely unresponsive in the sink overflowing with cold water. The dog had shallow breathing and was quickly rushed to the vet.

The dog also had a bloody cut on his head. It appeared that he was the victim of a violent assault. The person who called the police said that the assaulter was his 37-year-old son named John P. Glover II. He had been drinking throughout the day. The cops have now asked the public to help them track this abusive criminal and help the dog get justice.


Update: The cops eventually managed to arrest John, who was still heavily intoxicated and slurring his words when found. He had bloody hands. Apparently, John was getting increasingly agitated by his sister’s dog. He started throwing closed fists at the dog after which the dog ran and hid under the couch.


The dog bit John in self-defense. At this, John dragged the dog by his neck and proceeded to drown him. John allegedly also physically threatened his father during the incident. The dog survived, but is in a critical state in the hospital. John faces two counts of cruelty to a companion animal and single counts of cruelty to animals and domestic violence. We hope he receives a fitting punishment for his crimes.

Click the video below to watch a report on John’s arrest and a shelter volunteer’s update on the dog.



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