4/26/2018 8:35:57 PM

Proud Pup Struts Out Of Store All By Himself With A Bag Of Dog Food

What we have here is a seriously funny video of a sneeky pup taking on life, head on.

The tinypup was spotted hanging around the front of the pet store for some time, just susing the place out. When the cashers back was turned he made his move.

Luckly for us, his suspicious movements had caught the eye of a passer by who was able to catch the hilarious moment on video!

The puppy moved fast and then casually walked out of the pet store carrying a FULL bag of dog food, all by himself!


Undoubtably the highlight of this short video has to be how he’s so chilled about his heist that he even has time to stop off at a tree to take a pee, still holding the food, before continuing his strut down the pavment.

Cat Walk and Cat Burgler? I think not, there’s a new sherif in down and he’s one hell of a pup.

Watch the proud Pupper below and then share with your friends.