4/25/2018 10:50:06 PM

Pit Bull Spent Years Chained To Wall Waiting To Be Rescued

In Summer 2015, Brooklyn-based animal rescue organization AMA Animal Rescue received a tip about a severely neglected pit bull found in a park. When the rescuers got there, they were shocked to see what a bad state the pit bull was in.

The poor senior dog was chained to a wall, and huge patches of his fur had come off. The rescuers could also smell dead flesh, and the dog could barely stand up. It was the worst case of animal abuse the rescuers had ever seen.

Even though he was in very bad shape, the pit bull was still excited to see his rescuers. His tail started wagging as soon as they walked up—he seemed to know he was being saved.

AMA Animal Rescue gave the pit bull some food before unchaining him and bringing him into their van. The dog immediately curled up on a blanket and went to sleep.

The rescuers brought the pit bull, who they named Norman, over to a veterinary clinic to get treatment for his many ailments.

While there, the rescuers learned that on top of being malnourished and covered in infected wounds, Norman was also deaf, blind, and arthritic. The vet told the rescuers that the senior pup was ten years old, and it was clear that he had experienced very little love and care in those ten years.

The veterinarians gave Norman IV fluids to fight off his infections, and they gave him lots of food and water to help him get stronger. Once he was well enough, they began doing exercises with him. Sweet Norman was so happy to be at the clinic—his tail didn’t stop wagging as he did the exercises!

AMA Animal Rescue shared a heartwarming video on Facebook of Norman enjoying a bully stick. It was amazing to see how much better he looked!

Once he was well enough to leave the hospital, AMA Animal Rescue put a post on their Facebook page asking for fosterers for sweet Norman.


AMA Animal Rescue ended up finding a great foster home for the pit bull. Norman’s foster mom loved him a lot, and he loved her back.

After three weeks in his foster home, it was time for Norman to move again—and this time, he was going to his forever home!

Norman’s new mom attached a special ramp to her back porch so Norman could easily reach the backyard without hurting his arthritic legs. Norman loved the yard and his new home right away. The sweet dog was so happy to be home!

Norman had a wonderful life his mom and new sibling. He loved both of them dearly, and his tail never stopped wagging when he was with them. Norman had truly found the perfect home.

Sadly, Norman passed away in September 2016. After a lifetime of neglect, Norman’s last year was spent in blissful happiness. For one great year, the sweet dog got to experience what it was like to live in a loving home.

Norman is a brave dog who never gave up hope that he would be rescued. If you want to learn more about Norman, check out the video below.

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