12/6/2017 7:19:14 PM

Photographer Dresses Up His Dog Every Year For The Family Christmas Card

And it’s adorable.

Every year, UK Photographer Peter Thorpe dresses his dog up as a different character for the family holiday card. He builds all of the sets from scratch to create some of the most unique and amazing photographs you’ll ever see. What a tradition he has started!

In 2014 — The cutest little mouse


In 2013 — A winter robin


In 2012 — Scrooge the pooch


In 2011 — An adorable little penguin


In 2010 — A sheep with her shepherd


In 2009 — A cooked turkey



In 2007 — A very real looking donkey


In 2006 — A camel in the desert


In 2001 — A well-behaved choir pup


In 2000 — The best tree-topper ever


In 1990 — Just a pup dressed as Rudolph


For more amazing photography, visit Peter Thorpe’s website. Share these great works of art with your friends!

h/t Bored Panda