2/3/2018 8:51:15 PM

Man Saves Kitty After Being Neglected By Her Mom! Now She Became More Beautiful!

Lets meet Sansa, this kitty will make your heart to be melted.

This kitty was rejected by her mother after she was born and she was barely eating, she was just skin and bones.

Suddenly, Alan found her and he took her home.

He knew that this kitty is more than special and this kitty was in need to love and to be loved too.

He got her comfortable bed and also toys for her to play all time she wants.


After some weeks, the little kitty became more beautiful with an incredible personality and of course she grew in size too.

After few months, Sansa met a new friend who is calico as her.

They love to spend time together and they care for each other.

Alan is more than happy to have a cute cat and he even shared in his page alanzgweb to show you the last updates of this brave cat. !

Source: alanzgweb

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