7/4/2018 4:51:13 PM

Man Floats With 19 Year Old Elderly Dog Every Day To Ease His Pain

Dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend and it’s not hard to understand why. However, when one man’s dog began to slowly die of old age, he went to great lengths to alleviate his friend’s pain and the results may just break your heart!

John Unger and his beloved dog Schoep have a routine that they follow every day. While the two have been inseparable ever since he adopted him 19 years ago as a puppy, old age has taken a toll on his body.

Schoep’s joints have begun to suffer from arthritis and hip dysplasia and his hind legs freeze up making walking very painful for him.

The only comfort Schoep finds now is in a daily routine that keeps him off his feet. A routine that includes being taken to the lake every day to gets some relief from the pressure on his body.

Schoep has also lost his sight due to cataracts. While his pain is difficult to watch, it’s the lengths Unger will go to comfort his friend that’s truly inspiring. Now if you excuse us, we’ll just be crying forever.


Sadly, Schoep passed away in 2013. The German Shepard mix succumbing to his age just a month after celebrating his 20th birthday. Unger announced his passing in a Facebook post, writing, ‘I breathe but I cannot catch my breath.’

The famous photo of Unger and beloved friend was taken by photographer friend of his named Hannah Stonehouse Hudson. After its posting on Facebook, the photo became a viral sensation and was shared more than 200,000 times in a year.

Unger would take his canine companion to the lake as it would make his body weighless and relieve his joint pain. Earlier this year however, Unger got a new best friend when he adopted a one year old puppy named Bear.

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