2/3/2018 8:03:47 AM

Human Finds Freezing Kitten, Then She Does Something Unexpected!

Jenna shares her story about this cute kitty ever. She found her late at night in a frozen stream vent and she didn’t want to come out of the spot.

Jenna tried to lure the cute kitten but even with juicy pieces of chicken weren’t enough for the kitten to leave the place.

Then Jenna got a spatula and scooped her angry self out, once the kitten left the spot she gave up the fight because she was just tired and exhausted.

Jenna wrapped her in a towel and took her home.

From that moment Jenna wanted to be part of this kitten’s life forever.

She named her Nugget and she was happy to have a cute kitten in her life.


Nugget got very affectionate to Jenna and now they are living together.

Actually, Nugget now is very enthusiastic about her life and she loves delicious food.


She loves cuddles and of course she loves attention.

Source: CatStoleMyPancake/LoveMeow

Jenna didn’t imagine to have a pet but she doesn’t regret to have Nugget in her life and she makes sure that they are together forever.