Vet Talks About The Actions Of Pets Being Euthanized

Imagine lying at the hospital taking your last breaths.  


As you look around you to find a familiar face as you pass away, you see that the ones you love are nowhere to be seen. This is what many pets face as they are put to sleep, according to one vet, their owners too heartbroken to be at their side.

A heartbreaking moment

It is understandable for a pet owner not wanting to face the fact that they are losing a beloved pet. But, instead, they should look at it this way. If a parent, child, or other family member were about to pass away, wouldn’t you want to be there with them in their final moments? You should think of a pet in the same way, as a member of your family.

Imagine how much harder it must be for a pet. Most often their owners are their entire world. They wake up with their owner, eat, sleep, and play with them. Then to all of a sudden be without that comfort, most often in a strange place, as they are put to sleep at the vet’s office.

According to Dr. Evan Shaw, a veterinarian, “I have a lot of return clients, and I have found that people who aren’t there at the end of their pet’s life find it to be one of their biggest regrets at a later point. I totally understand how hard it would be, but death is ultimately a part of life and needs to be experienced to help the grieving process.”

Looking for their owner

In fact, many times a pet looks for their owner as they are being euthanized. Searching the faces in the room, often not seeing the ones they love most. It is almost too much for some staff who work at veterinarian hospitals across the country.

It even led to one vet, who was on staff at at Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital in Hillcrest in South Africa to post to the hospital’s Facebook page about owner’s not being there for their pet when they were being euthanized.

In part, the post read, “Do not make them transition from life to death in a room full of strangers in a place they don’t like. The thing people need to know that most of you don’t is that they search for you when you leave them behind.”



Many pet owners simply don’t want to be there when their pets die

The problem with euthanizing a pet is that many owners don’t want to be in the room when it happens. Another vet had this to say about how people react when their pet must be put to sleep.

According to the vet, “When he has to put an animal down, 90 percent of owners don’t actually want to be in the room when he injects them, so the animal’s last moments are usually them frantically looking around for their owners, and to be honest, that broke me.”

What the American Veterinary Association has to say about the euthanasia process


According to the American Veterinary Association, family members and others in the community might have a hard time understanding why some grieve so much over a pet. This is due to the fact that they probably don’t realize how important pets are to many owners. This often leads to them saying cruel and uncaring comments, though most of them probably aren’t meant in this way.

The best way to deal with the loss of a pet is to seek out support from friends, family members, and within the community who understand such a loss. Pet loss support groups are one such resource that grieving pet owners can turn to if they have no other avenues of expressing the sadness of losing a pet.

For more on why we grieve for our pets so much, watch the video below.

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