The cat went five times to the burning house to save her kittens

  Cattery went five times to the burning house to get each of his kittens out.  


how is cattery?

we know cattery is not just a cat. It's Mom with a capital letter. Today, we want to tell you his incredible story.

On January 1, 2020, a fire broke out in an abandoned garage in Brooklyn, New York. Firefighters arrived fairly quickly, but during a fire extinguishment, one of the firefighters, David Gianelli, noticed a homeless cat, who returned to the garage in flames over and over again, pulling out his newborn kittens.

The world learned of a cattery in the spring of 2019. The cat lived quietly with 7-month-old kittens in one of Brooklyn's old garages. But on the night of January 1, someone set fire to the garage. The firefighters arrived discovered that there was no one in the garage at the time of the fire, but they drew attention to the cat who rushed into the burning garage over and over again.

The firefighters wanted to catch a cat, but they didn't. Suddenly, one of the firefighters noticed that the cat was carrying a kitten in its teeth. Taking the baby to a safe place, she rushed back into the fire.

Despite burns to her eyes, face and badly burned ears, Mum pulled all her kittens out of the burning room. Moreover, as the cat could only support them one at a time, she had to return five times to the garage in flames saturated with thick smoke 


what happened to cattery?


The cat's paws have already burned, his ears were damaged, his face was burned and his eyes shone under fire. However, it was only after pulling his last fifth kitten from the fire that his face was inserted into every one to make sure everyone was saved, the poor thing lost consciousness. Thanks to one of the firefighters - he personally delivered the cat to the veterinary clinic - she was rescued.

The New York Post wrote about chatting to heroin, after which thousands of offers from compassionate people came to the newsroom with offers of help for the cattery.

The kittens are quickly dismantling (unfortunately, one of them, a small white, he dies shortly after the fire, but the rest of her kittens became well they are root in new families),

and cattery she is taken by a woman her name is Karen Wellen. Karen promised representatives of the Animal Rights League, which placed Cattery under guardianship, that she would look after the animal like a baby and kept her word.

surrounded by care and guardianship. True, cattery could no longer have kittens, but thanks to her heroic act, she has become the standard of maternal care and dedication around the world.

The Animal Protection League has instituted a special Scarlett Award for animal heroism awarded to animals involved in the rescue of people or other animals (mainly dogs that participate in the search for people under the rubble after the earthquakes).

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