She Tried To Choke Her Puppy, She Even Recorded The Entire Scene On Her Phone!

A shocking case of dog mistreatment has surfaced on social media lately and has caused massive turmoil in Iran.  


The video shows a woman trying to choke her puppy; as the helpless pet desperately tries to escape.

The entire incident took place out of the public’s sight, in the woman’s apartment.

It seems that the owner got extremely upset that the puppy had made a mess in the kennel; so she decided to teach the dog a lesson it would never forget.

The woman proceeds to immobilize the canine by placing her shoe over it’s neck and pushes with all her force. The dog whimpers in distress in a desperate cry for help.

This goes on for over a minute; until the dog finally managed to break loose and cowers in a corner, just near the kennel.




The woman is not only without a heart, she is also reckless enough to record the entire scene with her mobile phone and later uploaded the video on social media; bragging about what she had done.


The footage caused massive negative reactions.


As soon as she realized her mistake, she deleted the video and her account altogether; but the footage had already gone viral.

Volunteers and activists from all over Iran joined forced and managed to track down the callous woman and finally rescued the dog.

Visibly shaking like a leaf and in terrible pain; the canine could not be happier to see activists walk into its owner’s apartment.

The dog was taken to the veterinarian’s office and will be kept under surveillance for a while, but its state of health is beginning to slowly improve.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho She Tried To Choke Her Puppy, She Even Recorded The Entire Scene On Her Phone!"

The woman’s behavior is unacceptable – there is no excuse for what she did!

No dog – or any animal as a matter of fact – should be treated in this manner ever.

What do you think ?


Golden retriever Henry found abandoned with a 46-pound tumor


Animals are not only a lifelong commitment but also a lifelong expense and for some owners they can’t cope if their animal develops an illness that results in expensive bills.    

But there are shelters and charities that can help; no animal should be left to fend for themselves with a chronic illness.

Sadly Henry the 8-year-old golden retriever was found abandoned on Newport Beach, California a few years ago. He was struggling to walk due to a 46-pound tumor growing on his side, reports CBS Los Angeles .

Rescuers believe he was abandoned because of his tumor and knew they had to act fast to relieve his discomfort.

Animal Control Supervisor Valerie Schomberg made it her mission to help this sweet, affectionate dog and even managed to get him a $500 grant toward the cost of surgery.

Vet Dr Karla Nichols told Inside Edition that the tumor was making it very difficult for Henry to get around.

“It was very obvious that his right front leg was having a hard time supporting his weight.”

Five days after he was found abandoned, Henry had the operation and was a much happier dog, now only weighing 78 pounds.

Animal control officers investigated Henry’s case and reminded pet owners that it’s illegal to dump your animal.

The charges that was being brought against the cruel owner included misdemeanor counts of animal neglect, failure to care for an animal and interfering with a Newport Beach animal control investigation.

In 2017, the owner, Sherri Haughton, was sentenced to 56 hours of community service and ordered to pay $7,346 in restitution to the Newport Beach Police Department’s Animal Services and the Pick A Pet Foundation for Henry’s veterinary care, according to LA Times.


See Henry after he had the tumor removed in the clip below.


Although the tumor was removed in 2016 and kind people did everything in their power to make Henry feel good, the dog was still plagued with medical issues. He died 2017 at age 8 while living with a foster family. But this story is still an important reminder that all animals deserve to be treated with love and respect!

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