Karma And A New Life: How An Abandoned Dog Became A K9

A Belgian Malinois named Karma went through a lot before she got to where she is today.


Her story, as we know it, started when a black car dropped her off in a strange neighborhood and drove away.

She chased after it for so long that her paws were bleeding and her nails were completely worn down – but she wasn’t able to catch up.


Karma’s story

She wandered that neighborhood for almost a week, skittish, depressed, and slowly losing weight from not eating. And then, as if things couldn’t get any worse, a snowstorm began to approach.

The neighbors, all being concerned for her welfare, opened up their garages in hopes that she would choose one to find shelter. Finally, she did.

Then another family from the neighborhood came and took her into their home. They also brought her to the vet to have her damaged paws checked out.


It was at the vet’s office that they would meet a vet tech who knew the person running the Front Range Explosives Detection training group in the area.

They also knew that their current bomb detection dog was getting ready to retire.


After a series of calls, it was decided Karma would go into training and take the retiring dog’s place.

It was the perfect opportunity for a Belgian Malinois. The breed is known for their high intellect, dedication, and skills – and the combination makes them perfect candidates to be working dogs!

A new job

Deputy Patrick Hynes took Karma in so she could learn how to sniff out bombs.

After four months of intense training, she is now a certified explosives detection K9. The Belgian Malinois did incredibly well in training, especially considering she was older than most of the other dogs when she started the program. Despite her age, she excelled.

She only has two more odors left to learn before she is one hundred percent qualified to work, but that hasn’t stopped her from getting started. She already has a sheriff’s department badge as well as an official ID, and Patrick Hynes is now her human police partner.


Karma swept a church for bombs before the funeral of a teen who had given his life to save others in the Highlands Ranch school shooting.

So far, as her name suggests, she’s been nothing but good karma for the sheriff’s department and the community who made sure she had somewhere to stay out of the cold.

Because it’s only been a few months since she was abandoned, she’s still a little skittish around people and prefers dogs. Of course, it’s expected with what she has been through, but it hasn’t stopped her from bonding with her partner or starting her new career and life.

We think she has a lot of good coming her way.

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