I Normally Don’t Care for TV Commercials, but This Is Easily the Best One I’ve Ever Seen

Most of us feel annoyed by all those commercials that are popping out whenever we watch our favorite TV program. However, some commercials are so deep, that they change the way we perceive some things in life. They have soul, trigger emotions, and make us fall in love with the product they sell.   


One such ad that touched us to a level we have never imagined an ad can do is coming from the hotel and resort chain Shangri-La. It has locations in Asia Pacific, North America, the Middle East, and Europe. 

This commercial depicts a man who has found himself stuck up high in the middle of a mountain region. Wherever he turns his head, all he sees is snow. He struggles to find a way out but all odds are against him. So, after he fails lighting the matches and the battery of his phone dies, he simply falls down in the middle of the snow and goes off into slumber. 

Then out of the blue, wolves start approaching. Their yellow eyes look so frightening that viewers expect their next move to be an attack on that helpless man. But that doesn’t happen. On the contrary, these “beasts” surround the stranger that found himself all alone on their territory and nest all around him, making a cozy and warm bed. The sight is truly incredible. 

The man then wakes up and sees all those wolves next to him, but is relieved after he realizes they are there to keep him safe. He then cuddles up to his new friends and falls back to sleep again.

The advertisement closes with the following line “To Embrace A Stranger As One’s Own. It’s In Our Nature.”

It spreads a message across the globe that no matter how far you are from your home, you can always find a shelter and comfort in this hotel. 

But it also teaches us that we should always tend to be in harmony with the nature because many times the animals we perceive as beasts are in fact gentle creatures.

The person who created this ad did an amazing job. They helped a huge number of people to hear of Shangri-La.

People loved it so much that all the comments are positive, with some people sayung:

“This is the BEST ad that I have ever seen!!”

“I love this advertisement to much..maybe because I love animals of a types…”


Make sure you don’t miss this ad, it’s totally unique and worth watching.


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