A Man Buried In The Snow Films A Mountain Rescue Dog Saving Him And It’s Beautiful


“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they go.” That’s how actor Will Rogers described his connection to these animals. Dogs are not only companions and friends, but also protective guardians. An NGO called “Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England” is dedicated to training rescue dogs to help those in need in the wild, and they recently uploaded a video in which this truth is reaffirmed. And not only do they save a life, they also make us smile. Below you can see the whole story.


We read about humans and shelters rescuing dogs, cats, and other animals but it doesn’t always happen the other way around. Stories about dogs rescuing humans aren’t very common, especially one caught on video. Before anything else, no one was harmed in the video. Especially the rescue dogs! They are all just training.
A video of a training drill was recently tweeted by Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England and it shows the POV of what it’s like to be buried in the snow and be rescued by one of their trained dogs.
Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England is a volunteer-based organization that is made up of mountain rescue search dog trainers, rescue search specialists, and rescue dogs. Dogs and their handlers track down the human scent to search for lost walkers and climbers in the mountains. According to the MRSDE website, search dogs are trained to react to a human scent being blown towards them by the wind or air currents. That means that they do not specifically track a certain missing person but react to ANY human scent that they pick up. For the training drill, a volunteer went a bit further down and buried himself in snow and filmed the video below showing Flo, one of their rescue dogs, doing her best to dig down and rescue the volunteer. Check out the photos and the video below.

Getting lost in remote natural areas is dangerous and scary, but there are volunteer organizations that help those in need

Among other skills, these rescue dogs are trained to search for people buried in the snow

During a training session, a volunteer with a camera was buried in the snow



It didn’t take long for a snout to appear in the snow

Struggling, the dog pushed the wall of snow away with his body

To make sure that when a really dangerous situation occurs

He will be able to provide help in the shortest possible time

Doing her best, the devoted rescue dog demolished the wall of snow with her body

To make it sure that when a real situation arises

She will be able to provide help as soon as possible

The name of this rescue dog is Flo. She is a 4-year-old rescue dog who also specializes in melting people’s hearts

                                                          Photo credit: SARDAEngland


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Here you can see the complete video: