Buddy The Therapy Dog Helps Comfort Grieving Guests Who Come To Funeral Home

An 18-month-old Golden Retriever therapy dog named Buddy has a very special job. He helps comfort guests at Winfield funeral home in Smithfield, Rhode Island.  

The friendly and loyal pup loves people and is the perfect dog for this job. He makes all of the guests there feel safe.



Tommy Winfield, owner of the funeral home, knew what Buddy was capable of and decided to bring him to work.

Buddy is specially trained to give comfort to strangers who are grieving, or anyone who just needs some love. And buddy is great at giving that love!


When an Iraqi War Veteran knelt down near Buddy, Buddy immediately walked over to him and leaned on him. He can sense when people are feeling down and need some cheering up. He’s also good at sensing when people aren’t too fond of animals, so he knows who to stay away from.



When people walk into the funeral home feeling depressed, they see Buddy and their eyes light up. Buddy helps these people get through some of the hardest times of their lives, and he doesn’t judge anyone. If you put out your hand toward him, he immediately comes over to give you a warm embrace.



Hopefully more funeral homes start following suit, because having a therapy dog there to help comfort grieving guests is such a great idea! Buddy has a special gift, and it’s so heart-warming to see him helping people through their tough times!


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