1/14/2018 9:30:00 PM

Her Puppy Peed In The House, Her Punishment Is UNBELIEVABLE!!

In Washington state, a woman stupidly thought that she would get some likes and comments on her Facebook by posting a photo of her little puppy, whose name is Ludo, wearing “Peepee Hat” as she called it. She made that “hat” for him after he had done a small accident in the home. However, she wanted to shame her dog, but in return she only ashamed herself

And now things are getting pretty serious for her!In middle of February, a woman named Lisa Parker posted a photo on her Facebook of her five months’ puppy Ludo, wearing regretfully a pad soaked with urine. This picture has been removed, however, some smart people who saw before it’s deleted have taken screenshots.


Of course now you are wondering and feeling angry thinking “why would a woman does something like that to her own beautiful little pup!”. Apparently, Parker explained herself saying that she went outside of the house for five minutes, and Ludo took that chance and peed all over the house. So as a punishment, she took a pad and soaked up all the urine with it, then she forced him to wear the urine pad!


Two of Parker’s friends commented on her post, “Nancy Stonehouse-Poitras” said that she loved that idea, and “Chastity Kribble” asked parker whether it worked or not. (And since then both of them made their accounts private). Parker responded to her friend Chastity the following!




Many people “reviewed” the “Everett Police Department’s” page on Facebook and demanded that they MUST take an action against that woman. One of these reviews, someone commented saying that this dog could be having some health problems. But this woman Instead of taking him to the vet, she ‘shames’ him! She only brings shame to herself!

Luckily, the “Everett Police” took an action, they posted on their Facebook page, on 2nd March 2016, that the “Everett animal control” officers are investigating abuse allegations.


However, they didn’t mention Parker’s punishment to her dog. But, we hope that they are aware of it. Though we don’t know which one of the dogs who had been abused by her, but according to her admission of this act she must be charged with animal cruelty!

Visit the “Everett Police Department’s” page, and keep commenting and demanding them to charge her.

In your opinion what is the fair punishment she should be punished with? Comment below. And please share this with your friends to gather as many people as you can to get her punished!