4/27/2018 10:20:27 PM

Heartwarming Reunion Between Owner That Lost His Dog After Losing His Home

Dogs are pets that can raise us up in even the toughest of times. And this is what Chaos was to his owner, Jose.

A few years back, the man happened to be down on his luck—he got divorced, lost his house, and became homeless. Throughout it all, Chaos was there to cheer him up.

At one point, Jose gave the dog to an acquaintance who could take care of him, given his sub-par living conditions at the time. But once Jose got back up on his feet, the new owner refused to return Chaos.

For two years, Jose went on without his dog—until one day, he got a call about a dog that was on the loose, with a collar with an ID that was linked to Jose.

It was Chaos!

Jose was finally about to get his dog back.

And the reunion between the two was caught on video.

At first, Chaos seemed a bit skeptical of the man, as he cautiously approached him.


But then, it seems that Chaos finally recognizes Jose. And he couldn’t have been more happy to see his true owner.

It’s clear that Chaos means the world to Jose, and if anything, he now encourages others to microchip their pets just in case anything were to happen to them.

Watch to see the touching reunion for yourself.