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Emaciated Stray Dog Sees Lady Lying On The Ground. His Response Is Winning Hearts

An abandoned dog, named Bear, living in the mountains of Evan’s Creek was about to meet an angel. I wonder if he had any idea. He had been impossible to catch but a woman named Amanda was determined to save his life. She set out with her friend Dylan. They worked over an hour, trying to lure Bear with treats but he wouldn’t come.

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Their attempt only scared him away more. They decided to come back the next day. But again, Bear was not interested in food. He was way too scared to come near humans.

Amanda knew this wouldn’t be easy; she had to get creative. That is when it dawned on her! She would “play dead” and see if Bear would get curious enough to make his way over to her “lifeless” body.

Would Bear be concerned enough to check out Amanda? Would she finally get close enough to rescue him?

What happened next is winning hearts all over the internet!

Bear was initially spotted by a driver who passed a campsite where Bear was hanging about. He immediately got spooked and ran away. Amanda heard about the dog and knew she had to do something. That’s when her plan began to unfold. First food then acting. If Amanda pretended she needed help, maybe Bear would be her “hero.”

She laid very still for a while. Bear made his way over but then got bored and walked away. But Amanda knew better. She stayed in that position and waited for him to return. And that he did! Bear came over and sniffed Amanda. Then, he sat by her. As if to say, “I’m here.”

Facebook/Lost & Found Pets Wa State


Over the next two hours, Amanda earned the dog’s trust. Bear could obviously see she wouldn’t hurt him.

Facebook/Lost & Found Pets Wa State

He then followed her to her car, got in, and they drove to the vet.

Thanks to imagination and tenacity, Bear finally got the help he needed. An animal welfare organization called Lost & Found Pets in Washington tried to locate his family but had no luck. Thankfully, a new family wanted to adopt Bear and he now has a loving home.


Pretty incredible, huh?

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