4/23/2018 7:28:18 AM

Dog’s reaction to her own fart is hilarious. Take a watch, we still can’t stop laughing

Pets can be the source of a whole lot of fun most of the time, especially when they’ve done something they shouldn’t have and are trying to put all the blame somewhere else.

Meet the adorable German Shepard Lucy, who has just recently turned seven months old. The cute dog with snowy white fur is simply relaying and lying on the couch, enjoying the world and all of its surroundings like a true well-treated pet. You could even say that she’s sitting comfortably in her throne as a queen, but her next actions are anything but royal.


Source: Kayla Eggers

Lucy’s owner Kayla Eggers captured some footage of her dog, and at around sixteen seconds into the video, a very silent but certainly audible fart is heard. We’re going to take Kayla’s word for it that is was her dog Layla that unleashed the smelly fart.

Kayla’s video quickly went viral on social media where it was seen by hundreds of thousands, and the video has amassed more than one million views on YouTube as well.


Source: Kayla Eggers

“What a lady.

To my own amazement, I was able to capture a video of my 7-month-old white German Shepherd Dog, Lucy, experiencing one of her many, MANY farts that day. I was laughing SO hard (as you can hear in the video) that I decided to share it on Facebook. It got a few likes and some great comments so I decided to post it on youtube. Let the world see this so that as humans we can all rest our minds knowing it’s perfectly acceptable to blame the dog,” she wrote in the video description.

What’s even funnier is that Lucy doesn’t even seem to realize herself what exactly happened.

Just mere seconds afterward the expressions on her face speak louder than words as if she had no idea that she just farted.

A couple of seconds later, Lucy starts to investigate the location of the noise, so turns her head towards her tail and starts to wonder if she really did fart after all.



Source: Kayla Eggers


When the moment of realization finally comes, the expression on her face changes once again and starts to turn into a little bit of panic. We think she may have tried to blame the couch for the fart, but when she had no choice but to realize that she farted herself, she immediately hopped off the couch to get away from the smell.

Adorably funny!

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Source: Kayla Eggers