2/1/2018 8:53:49 AM

Chained-Up And Alone, Dog Which Only Knew ‘No’ Gains True Happiness

The dog is chain-free today!

Meet this dog, whose name is Marley – his life had gotten off to a rough start, but he eventually overcame it all.

For more than five years, Marley the dog had been cruelly chained up in a backyard for no reason, without proper sources of food and water.

His owner was even physically abusive towards poor Marley, smacking him on the head for getting ‘too excited’ every now and then. Plus, the only word Marley understood was ‘no’. Marley didn’t even recognize his own name, as he had never been called so.

PETA had been watching over the abused dog over the years, making routine visits to make sure that Marley stays fed. They would also play with him and pet him, to let him know what human affection feels like.

After years went by, Marley’s owner was finally convinced to turn him over to the PETA.

However, Marley’s life was only beginning. He was no longer bound to metal chains. He was also no longer punished for having fun, barking or running around like a dog should.


After putting on some healthy weight, the PETA placed Marley up for adoption – which met with great success!

His new owner takes great care to make Marley comfortable enough to slowly adjust to the life he deserves, but never had. He spoiled Marley rotten with plenty of toys, treats, and attention.

Marley is also not alone in the house – he has a new canine friend, a Husky named Kyah!

Watch Marley’s story in the video below!

Thanks to his rescuers, Marley now has a fresh start on life – and is currently loving every minute of it more than ever before!