7/4/2018 4:44:04 PM

Adorable Golden Retriever ‘Cries’ After Being Rescued From Dog Meat Trader

Last April 1st, a female golden retriever was spotted being sold at Kunming’s Xiaobanqiao Market, a Chinese market known for its dog meat trade.

Volunteers from Kunming’s Sanhe Animal Protection Centre teamed up to pay the dog meat vendor and save the pup. They believe the golden retriever was a stolen pet.

The volunteers raised 14,450 yuan or $2,300 to buy the golden retriever, as well as 20 other dogs, from the vendor.

The vendor had told them that the dogs were ‘meal dogs’ which were usually sold to restaurants. The vendor charged them 60 yuan or $9.55 per kilogram.

The volunteers then took the group of dogs to Kunming’s Dongfang Animal Hospital where they were cared for.


That’s when the golden retriever was filmed crying what the volunteers described as ‘tears of gratitude.’

You can watch the video below:

The volunteers and the vet have been trying to find new owners for the rescued pooches. According to volunteer Ms. Xu, 17 of them have found adoptive families.