Punish man that cooks dogs alive and posts photos online!

This ruthless man is an avid dog meat eater. 


Almost every morning he rounds up all the dogs he finds in the neighborhood, keeps them in cages and later barbecues them. He and his entire family are delighted to eat dog meat every time, as the man claims he has reached perfection when it comes preparing a dog meat barbecue.

As mentioned above, some of the dogs are eaten by the trader and his family. Others are later sold to customers that are eager of a slice of dog meat.

This is happening the city of Makassar, Indonesia, a place with over 1 million inhabitants. While some of the neighbors are totally indifferent to his activity (as dog meat is regarded here as eating pork or chicken) other neighbours are outraged and demand that this sick and ruthless trade comes to an end.

The man has made it clear he has no intention of stopping. A series of photos posted online document how the man prepares and cooks his dogs.

It is obvious this man has no compassion for animals and it is absolutely heartbreaking to see such photos. Dogs should not be considered as food, they are sentient beings, highly intelligent, sociable creatures, that can experience pain and suffering just as we humans do.

This vile trader must be stopped as soon as possible. Tomorrow, another round of helpless canines will be cooked for their meat. This will continue each and every day. Stopping this man and all the others like him in due time is essential.

Please take action now and make Makassar a dog meat-free area. Ask the authorities to get involved and take this trader down.

Thank you for your support and interest in this cause.


The man is relentless and adamant to cook as many dogs as possible


The pain felt by these dogs is unbearable.


Support an end to the dog meat trade!

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