Petition: Help stop the cruel practice of skinning dogs alive in China!

These photos were taken in China, in the year 2017. It is hard to come by that the country that aims to become the world’s leading power is capable of acting this way, but this is the sad reality behind all of it.


Please take action now to ensure an end of the vicious dog meat trade and demand that animal welfare laws are implemented as soon as possible.

Over 10 million dogs are believed to be innocent victims of the dog meat trade each year. These dogs suffer in the most inhumane way, because there is a popular belief that the more pain they endure, the better the meat tasted. Dogs are frequently rounded off the steets and sold in public markets or restaurants, including the fancy ones in the most important cities. It doesn’t really matter where the meat is commercialized, the suffering of the dogs is out of this world.

Many dealers are skinning these innocent creatures in broad daylight. They have nothing to hide, because there are no laws that ban dog meat. Eating dogs is 100 per cent legal in China as we speak. Vendors are indeed required to provide so-called health certificates to illustrate the origin of the meat, but since most of the dogs in this despicable trade are strays or stolen pets, such documentation does not exist (at least the original papers). However, dog meat traders openly admit that they have never been controlled by the government up to this point.

Consuming dog meat is not only highly unethical (because dogs are man’s best friend), but is also a health hazard. Dog meat has been associated with a number of terrible diseases, including rabies, E.coli and salmonella. There have been numerous rabies outbreaks, particularly in southern China, host of the biggest dog meat festival in the country. It is absolutely shocking and appalling that the government is knowningly endangering its citizens to protect the interest of dog meat traders.


Please sign and share now to ensure that such appalling images will be a thing of the past in China. The suffering of all these innocent creatures must come to an end. Take action now and support a complete ban on dog meat and demand the adoption of animal protection laws.

If China is aiming to become the world’s dominant nation, it must learn how to treat its animals humanely. We will not surrender until all animals get the protection they desperately deserve.

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