Man Angrily Drags Wounded Dog Down The Road, Punches & Spits On The Cowering Dog

RSPCA officials are looking into an atrocious case of animal cruelty after receiving a complaint from a woman who witnessed a dog being abused in East Victoria Park, Perth. The video, which later went viral on social media, shows a powerless dog being repeatedly tortured, punched and spit on by his abusive owner.  

In this video, we see the dog already injured from being hit by his owner. He cowers in fear as the owner pulls his leash and drags him down the street. The dog stumbles and falls as he tries to keep up, but the cruel owner shows no mercy and keeps hitting the dog.


Later, the remorseless man pauses to induce some more fear into the poor pooch. He bends down and spits on the dog. The traumatized dog continues to get dragged by his owner after that. The woman who took the video confronted the owner, but she got verbally abused by the shamelessly cold man, who asked her to mind her own business.

The RSPCA has now asked the people to come forward and share any information they may have on this vile owner. They have received a few tips, but nothing concrete. There are privacy laws protecting the man, so further details of the investigation have not been shared with the media. They have urged the people to protect the dogs whenever they see a case of abuse.  We hope this man is caught and pays for his crimes soon. Spread the word.

Click the video below to watch the video of the man abusing his dog on the streets without any fear.