He Sat In The Spot He Was Dumped For 9 Hours, Waiting For His Human To Return

A man stopped his truck on a trail in the middle of nowhere outside the city limits of Tulsa, Oklahoma, opened his door and dumped his dog out. He left his innocent dog there and then drove away without him.


The dog was scared and confused and waited there for nine hours for his owner to return, but he never did.


Thankfully, trail surveillance cameras caught the act in progress, and rescuers were able to respond. Oklahoma Alliance for Animals picked the defenseless pup up and brought him to their clinic to be vetted and fed.


Thankfully, the dog, now named Rocket, was given a clean bill of health and is now in good hands.

“While we understand that people may be struggling to care for their pets due to COVID, there are resources and organizations here to help, including us,” the rescue wrote on Facebook. “Doing this to a living, feeling being should never be the answer.”


They posted pictures of the man who dumped Rocket that was caught on surveillance, and luckily they were able to track him down after receiving many tips from the public.

Law enforcement is currently investigating.

In the meantime, Rocket will be receiving the best care and unconditional love.

“We will ensure he is vetted and has a full belly and a safe warm place to rest his head,” the rescue wrote. “We will ensure he never suffers this fate again.”


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