Couple Puts Seven 2-Week-Old Pups In Scorching Sun Without Their Mom For Hours

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When puppies come into the world, it should be a joyful time. Sadly, two people from Sumner County, Tennessee were torturing a litter of seven puppies.


Police officers were sent to a home in Portland, Tennessee to investigate an animal complaint. On arrival to the property, they found a litter of 7 pups who were barely two weeks of age. They were left in a cage for hours outside in the heat with no water, no food, and no access to their mother to feed them.


One of the officers moved the cage to try and cool them off. He then placed the puppies inside his air-conditioned vehicle with the hopes that would help. He brought their mom over to try and nurse them, but she was unable to due to a condition called mastitis. She had an infection of her lactation tissue that was most likely caused by an infection.

The little ones were then taken to animal control, but one of the seven had no heartbeat. Officers performed chest compressions on his tiny body but were not able to revive him.

Later on, James C. Null and Crystal L. Williams were both arrested and charged with animal cruelty, dog running at-large, and no rabies vaccinations.

Thanks go out to the person who reported the animal complaint and saved most of these innocent pups from perishing.

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