Chinese dog eating festival starts in 3 weeks! Take Action Now!

A few weeks ago a groundbreaking achievement had been announced on social media: the Yulin dog eating festival had been banned by local authorities; the news went viral as the Humane Society International picked up the story, followed by numerous international media outlets.


According to the alleged ban, dog meat would be strictly forbidden and those not obbeying the rules would face fines of up to $10, 000. The ban was due to begin on June 15th, one week before the start of the festival.

Sadly, the news about the ban turned out to be false and the Yulin dog eating festival is set to proceed according to normal – in other words, it is business as usual for the dog meat vendors, who claim they are looking to break all sales records this year.

A statement issued by the Yulin Political Affairs Director and Yulin Chief of Police reads as follows: There is no ban imposed on selling dog meat during the festival as many animal rights activists have stated.

Officials with the Yulin Food and Drug Administration, which oversees dog meat sales and food quality control throughout the city, have issued a similar statement: No ban on dog meat sales will be imposed whatsoever.

Vendors on the streets of Yulin told reports they knew nothing about the ban. The owner of the biggest dog abattoir in Yulin stated that he cannot wait for the festival to begin – over 2, 000 dogs will be viciously cooked at this gruesome place alone.

Orders have already been placed and the trucks containing dogs have been already been shipped to Yulin. There is no stopping this – another vendor was quoted as saying.

In total, over 10, 000 dogs are expected to lose their life in the most inhumane way possible during the course of this year’s festival. The dogs will be barbecued or boiled alive in a sickening display of cruelty that has been going on unabiased for years and years.

The time for Yulin to end has come! Please support the official campaign to stop Yulin forever. Dogs are man’s best friend, they are not food. Help stop this monstrosity and let us show local authorities how much we want Yulin dog eating festival to be cancelled!

Please have a heart and join the campaign – sign and share now!

Dogs are tied up, rounded off the streets and sold for food at Yulin festival.



Dogs crammed in a cage, waiting their gruesome fate in Yulin.


Over 10, 000 innocent dogs will be victims of this cultural gathering, as many locals like to describe it.


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