Carriage Driver Repeatedly Kicks Horse In Head After She Collapses From Exhaustion

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT A nauseating sight of animal cruelty was recently witnessed on the streets of Melbourne, Australia.


In a video shared by veterinary nurse Krista Knight, an abusive carriage driver is seen kicking his fainting horse mercilessly after she slips and falls due to being tired and overworked.


In this painful video, the frustrated driver is seen losing his temper at his horse, named Tuesday, several times within a span of minutes. The driver is also heard saying “Get up. Lazy b*tch” when he fails to get Tuesday to stand up. When confronted by the concerned onlookers, the driver lashes out claiming that he knows his job, and asks them to “Piss off”.


Eventually, the horse starts bleeding from the mouth and is unable to move because of the pain. Many bystanders keep begging the driver to stop the abuse on the poor animal, but the brutal man asks everyone to back off and continues kicking her.

The enraged public later took to social media to condemn the actions of the driver. In response to the public outcry, the carriage company owner Dean Crichton has jumped in to defend his driver. Dean claims that he has been training his driver for 30 years and there was “no malice” in his kicks.

Dean condemned his driver’s “language”, but proudly mentioned that the driver loves “horses and would never hurt them”. He further informed that Tuesday was unharmed and got back to work soon. Let’s raise our voices against such disturbing animal cruelty!

Click the video below to watch Tuesday’s frightening ordeal after she fainted on the streets.

WARNING: The contents of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.


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