Brutal Cop Repeatedly Tazed Terrified Runaway Dog & Arrests Woman Who Protested

Police officers in Roseville got a call from a woman about her newly adopted dog who had sneaked out of the back door. The woman clearly mentioned that her dog doesn’t bite, but could bark out of fear from running among strangers.  

Two cops responded to the call and arrived at the woman’s neighborhood. As soon as they spotted the dog, one of the officers started tazing the dog. The other officer used a catchpole aggressively as the scared dog tried to run away in fear. The cops kept at it for quite a while until the poor dog collapsed from extreme pain.

This video has sparked outrage among animal lovers with many demanding to know why animal control officers were not dispatched for the call. Many believe that the bad training of the officers is to blame while some claim that the sadistic cop just wanted to vent out. To top it off, the cops arrested a woman at the scene who screamed at the cops to stop their brutality towards the dog.